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Commission Concepts

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Commission Concepts


You may specify poses, or if you wish, the Artist will provide suggestions.

The process begins with live subject 3D photography or freeform digital sculpting. Some examples of poses are shown on this page.

The subject of the artwork can be designed to interact with architectural or design elements. These sculptures can be created as standalone works of art or embedded into features of their physical surroundings.


  • You, your spouse, or anyone else rendered in glass

  • A glass sports car with a driver made of metallic ribbons

  • A yacht slicing through the waves

  • A woman wearing a diamond-textured dress

  • A doctor kneeling to listen to a child's heart

  • A ballerina with a leg raised on a ballet bar which doubles as a handrail in a building

  • A professional athlete in full gear, having just thrown a football which is embedded in the glass

  • An oil rig over water, with embedded light beacons

  • A sculptural interior window, with wall embedded lighting


Based on the Artist's discussions with you, and once details are collected for the size, subject and materials of the sculpture and stand, you will be provided with an Art Commission Summary, including a description of the artwork, the estimated date of completion, and the price of the proposed commission.

The design process will be scheduled to start on the planned start date as written in the Art Commission Summary, and will begin with the Artist's scheduled photography of the subject.

The client will need to approve design plans before the physical construction of the project commences.

Design plans will include drawings of the artwork (like those shown below).

The completed artwork will be delivered to the client using premium art shippers.

It is recommended that the Artist perform the onsite installation.


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