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Glass Window Concept

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Glass window concept

A Sculptural tree within a window

Mockup Components

  • Glass: 10 panels of 3/8" thick glass measuring 6 ft x 8 ft each

  • Art: 3D holes carved through the 8 center panels made of clear or green glass

  • Anti-Reflectivity (AR) & Protection: 2 outermost panels of solid AR safety glass in either clear or bronze color

  • Lighting: Fully embedded within the wall, along both sides and the top of the glass panels.

This is a fast mockup. A more detailed mockup would greatly improve on the fine details and completeness of foliage.

Holes in glass panels diffuse light to depict a tree. The light originates from LEDs embedded within the wall along the outer edges of the glass panels.

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As the basis for the mockups above, the artist first created this 3D tree from scratch (without the use of photography). It was modeled after the growth pattern of the Southern Live Oak.

3D Tree as the basis for the sculptural window glass concept above.


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